Some of the most common signs of low testosterone in males are fatigue, depression, lack of sex drive, loss of muscle mass and weight gain just to list a few. A decrease in testosterone production is very common in men over the age of 30, but it is not something that you need to suffer thorough for the rest of your life. There are many treatments available for low testosterone. We have listed a few with brief descriptions below.

Low Testosterone Treatment Options


Natural Testosterone Boosters

Using natural testosterone boosters are the safest way to treat low testosterone. Instead of introducing artificial testosterone into your body, natural ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed and many others have been shown to increase your body's natural production of testosterone without a prescription. This eliminates the unwanted side effects of highs and lows and does not inhibit your body's natural production of testosterone. By not using a synthetic testosterone, your body does not stop or slow down its own testosterone production. This is the reason that this is the safest method. Countless studies have also been done on the natural ingredients used in natural testosterone boosters to make sure that they are effective.


One of the most common types of treatments is testosterone injections, which is injected into a muscle usually once or twice weekly. You can give yourself these injections or have them done by a physician. Injections are a very effective way of replacing your testosterone, but do come with side effects you should be aware of. This form of replacement therapy shuts down the natural production of testosterone in your body and you will need to go through a "post therapy" in order to kick start your own production again. This will usually be done through HCG injections or something similar. This type of treatment can also lead to highs and lows in your body's testosterone as it will peak shortly after each injection and slowly decline until the next one since your body is producing little to no testosterone on it's own. This form of treatment requires a doctor's prescription.

Testosterone Pellets

The next option would be testosterone pellets, which are placed under the skin and testosterone is released gradually into the body. These pellets dissolve evenly without the highs and lows of the injections. Unfortunately, an incision has to be made in your skin in which to place the pellets, this is usually done every three to six months. Some of the documented side effects have been an extrusion rate of 8% - 12% depending on the study, bleeding and infection. This treatment also requires a prescription.

Testosterone Creams and Gels

There are also testosterone creams and gels that you can apply topically. These creams and gels can be effective, painless and no incisions are necessary. The main drawback to using creams or gels is that you can accidentally transfer the testosterone to other people via skin to skin contact. Most creams and gels require a prescription.

You can also try yoga and meditation to help reduce your stress levels as stress has been shown to decrease testosterone. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and exercise using compound exercises and weight lifting as a natural treatment for low testosterone levels.


What Would Be Best For Me? 

You may be reading through these different options and think, "Should I try injections? A cream? I don't know!". Everyone is different and may respond better to one treatment over the other. There is also a difference in cost and availability. Testosterone pellets and injections are typically only available from a certified doctor and require a large wallet. Creams and gels are more accessible, but don't always offer consistent results. These reasons, as well as many others, are why a natural testosterone booster is most likely the best option for you. 

TestoFactor is the #1 testosterone booster available. Its formula encourages the body to produce more testosterone itself - there are no artificial ingredients, steroids, or harmful side effects involved! Other testosterone supplements may contain one primary herbal ingredient and then fill the rest of the capsule with artificial fillers. These may be effective, but TestoFactor has gone above and beyond to assure that its formula is 100% effective. Rather than to rely on ONE primary testosterone-boosting ingredient, TestoFactor uses a formula that combines many of the top testosterone ingredients. It used Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, as well as Coleus Forskohlii and Fenugreek... and MORE. If you were to search “top testosterone ingredients” these listed ingredients as well as many others in the TestoFactor formula would all be there. It’s an incredibly condensed formula, which is why TestoFactor guarantees rapid, effective, lasting results. With a natural testosterone booster such as TestoFactor, you're seeing regular, satisfying results but without the price of an injection or pellet treatment. 

TestoFactor is more reliable than a testosterone cream or gel because its small capsule also contains the Black Pepper ExtractThis extract is much more than the simple ‘salt and pepper’ shakers you think of sitting in your kitchen. This is a formula included because it increases nutrient absorption. Often, vitamins and minerals are flushed out without use if there is an excess. However, the Black Pepper Extract in TestoFactor’s formula makes it possible for the body to 100% use every bit of the formula in each capsule.

TestoFactor is also rated as a #1 testosterone supplement because there is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee just in case you’re not happy with your results. So if you're not sure what testosterone treatment is best for you - start by giving TestoFactor a try! It's risk free and there's absolutely nothing to lose with results guaranteed!


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